Today is the Festival of Seshat, Lady of Builders.

This modern Egyptian festival is held on World Architecture Day, the First Monday of October. This is a day to honor Seshat and reflect on the role of architecture in our lives and how it preserves memory, whether the memory of ancient people, or the memory of contemporary architects and the people who live and work in their buildings. It’s also a day to reflect and work on what we are building in our lives - are our foundations true? Suggestions for observation: Offer to Seshat. Take a devotional architectural walk. Learn about historical preservation. Build something - a model building, and/or play with building toys. Take steps to give your life a solid foundation. Learn about sustainable building practices. Pay attention to how architecture shapes your life and work. Record your new experiences and knowledge in some way. — Neos Alexandria

Photo credit: Wiki Commons, LuckyKate91, Carrington Arts

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